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Mustang Man!

Welcome to Mustang Man! My name is Jeremy and this is my personal website about my number one passion in life, Ford Mustangs! As you probably know (or have guessed by this point) Ford Mustangs are made by the Ford Motor Company. There's lots of different kinds of Ford Mustangs including but not limited to Mustang GTs, Shelby Mustangs, Mustang Cobras and Classic Mustangs. On this website I am going to talk about why I love Ford Mustangs and share my experiences and thoughts with the world. I hope you enjoy!

Why Are Mustangs The Best

The simple fact that Ford Mustangs are my favorite car and have been since I was 12 years old is because they are the classic American muscle car, they are fast and they are sexy. I don’t mean to belittle anyone when I talk about my preferences, but I certainly could never be caught dead in Corvette or Camero, much less a supped up Honda Civic. I have respect for all kinds of different cars, but ever since I’ve had my drivers license I have always bought Mustangs. Right now I currently own 4 Mustangs, two of which are projects. I will get more into the different Mustangs I own later.

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Ford Mustangs The Name

This may sound really silly, but let’s be honest here, every one is influenced by the name of the car they buy. No one would buy a car named the “Ford d-bag” or “Ford Loserville”. You don’t buy a car based on the name alone, because you could have the crappiest car ever made and it could be named “Greatest Car in the World” and it wouldn’t mean it’d sell hot cakes. But when you come down to all things equal, the name does come into play and becomes a factor. I personally love the name Ford Mustangs because it is a household name. You don’t even need to say Ford, if someone asks you what you drive and you reply “a Mustang” no one, not even your grandma, will ask “Mustang what?” everyone knows from the one word alone that a Mustang is a bad ass car.
Think of it’s close competitors, like the Camaro. I like the name Camaro, but what is a Camaro? I remember reading somewhere that when the executives at Chevrolet were asked what a Camaro is, they replied something along the lines of (and I’m paraphrasing in case that wasn’t obvious) “an animal that eats Mustangs”. Obviously no actual animal exists, they simply made this up in order to be able to compete with Ford Mustangs. The Camaro has always been a step down from the Mustang in my opinion because from the onset the reason the people behind the Camaro made the car in the first place, was to compete with the power house Ford Mustang.


Ford Mustangs Are Affordable

If you want to get into other fast cars, there’s cars like BMW, Mercedes etc Then there’s also other cars which are on a completely different level (in terms of pricing) like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Now let me get this out of the way with out any further adu, I’M NOT RICH! I’m not on the sidewalk asking for change, but I’m also not about to drop 70k+ on a car, let alone 200k+. So if that’s your sort of thing, then maybe we’ll never quite see eye to eye on this subject. I don’t compare Ford Mustangs to Ferraris, because if you showed up in my neighborhood with a Ferrari you wouldn’t be greeted with admiration, you’d be greeted as a fool for havign spent so much money on a car. I think a classic part about owning a car is knowing that it fits your personality. I wouldn’t want to make monthly payments on a Ferrari nor a BMW. I pay cash for my cars and I am proud of it. Ford Mustangs are affordable cars that you can feel good driving. They’re not cheap by any means and I’m not saying just any body can go pick one up, but if you save up they are within most working-people’s grasp, and to me that’s important for a car. As soon as car reaches those unattainable levels, it’s no longer a car, but some sort of status symbol for the rich.

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Ford Mustangs Are An American Icon

Ever since Ford Mustangs were first released, they’ve been a symbol of American design and lifestyle. Ford Mustangs have also been popular among many different cultures, within America. Ford Mustangs have appeared in a lot of different movies and TV shows. Like I mentioned earlier, even your grandma knows what a Ford Mustang is. I think being a Ford Mustang owner is something to be very proud of. Especially in times of a recession like this, I like knowing I’m supporting the American economy and buying an American made car. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a family who’s on a strapped budget buying a Japanese Kia because it’s the only option they can afford, but if it came down to me buying an American car or a foreign car all else equal, 10 times out of 10 I am buying the American car because it’s the right thing to do. Your countrymen thank you. My father worked for Ford for 25 years and he is very proud of it. I am also very proud of him because he did an honest day’s work for 25 years, it’s not something a lot of people can say now a days.


Ford Mustangs Get Chics

I can’t talk about Ford Mustangs with out at least mentioning the fact that the chics love them! Whether you have a first generation Ford Mustang or a fifth generation Ford Mustang, chics love them and you get a ton of compliments riding around town. I know when I was in a serious relationship for two years, my girlfriend was always jealous when I would go out riding on Sunday’s with her in the car with me because she would see all of the girls smiling at me or staring at the car. I plan on keeping this site 100% family friendly, so I won’t get into too much more detail but let’s just say now that I’m single I take full advantage of being a Ford Mustang owner. I wouldn’t trade it in for a Ford Escort, never. The other thing is that it’s not only chics, a lot of guys will come up to you and say they like your car and I appreciate that respect. I’ve had my Ford Mustangs parked beside suped up Honda Civics and I get a lot of guys coming over just giving me a nod and you know they know what’s up.
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